The Sable

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Our most popular tonewood had to be made into a wireless headphone, didn't it? Named “The Sable” for the rich coloring of our Black Walnut tonewood, plus the rich sound which it possesses, we feel that The Sable has no equal. Stunning in appearance, sound reproduction and build quality The Sable is crafted from wood, aircraft aluminum and will give you the sound and style – you deserve.


We love Walnut.

  • Walnut Wooden Cups: Our most popular S:One tonewood option (by a long shot) is now a wireless headphone. These beauties can really crank and they look amazing, doing it!
  • Aircraft Metals: We did not want to chinse on the construction, so we had to ditch the plastic that most headphones use and instead opted for light, robust – Aluminum. 
  • Wireless Design: Using state of the art Bluetooth technology the Sable will allow you to roam, wire free while experiencing the style, that is all your own.


Additional Features:

-Speaker Size - 40mm
-Frequency Response - 20Hz to 20,000 kHz
-Cable for wired mode included
-Charging via micro-USB (cable included)
-Battery capacity - 240 mAh
-On-board microphone

Shipping & Delivery

Expectations for delivery:

S:One's – Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. We build these one-at-a-time and they are labor intensive.
Founders Reserve – Please allow 6 weeks for delivery. In addition to the building of the S:One there is a serious process to “candy coat” them that can take an additional few weeks.
Premium Audio – These we typically have in-stock and will ship in a few days. If the product is "PRE-ORDER", it typically takes about 30-days. During, there is special pre-order pricing for you.

As always, you can email us at to ask any questions.