The Sable

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Walnut Bluetooth Headphones

"Fantastic rich full tone sounds with these beautiful headphones"

Extra Information:


I’ve listened to a lot of Headphones. I know, most of them are straight garbage. These aren’t them… They are crafted from WOOD and METAL. You are not going to find a bunch of plastic. I've spent the last 5 years proving it... Wood makes things, sound better.

Just listen to a guitar, or one of our S:One's.


The Sable's are just flat out comfortable. It’s like a couch – for my head! They have an excellent low end and some amazing range. (It’s the wood) These are a well-constructed piece of audio gear, straight-up. To prove it, you don’t like it – for any reason – I’ll refund your money...

No if's, and's or butt's - About it.


I don’t wear rubber watches and I don’t do corded. (Sorry you snobby audio people – I hate wires – and no I can't hear the difference of a FLAC file over these or a wire). Wireless and streaming, are the future and the future is now.

These are AptX high bit-rate, wireless goodness.

Additional Tech Specs:

-Speaker Size - 40mm
-aptX™ audio technology (48 kHz / 16 bit)
-Bluetooth compatible with all devices

-20+ Listening Hours
-Unparalleled Comfort Equals Reduced Fatigue
-Frequency Response - 20Hz to 20,000 kHz
-Cable for wired mode included
-Charging via micro-USB (cable included)
-Battery capacity - 240 mAh
-On-board microphone


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Our S:Ones are build to order and typically take around 4-6 weeks to construct, test and ship.

Founder’s Reserve take a bit longer as the finishing process in laborious.

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