Founder's Wenge

Founder's Wenge

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This S:One features a solid Wenge chassis. This exotic tonewood originates from the Congo in Africa and has a Candy Coat finish. Pictured with Gold hardware (+$50). 


  • Exotic Tonewood
  • Bright and Lovely Tones
  • Beautiful Grain Patterns
  • 🍃Sustainable Wood Sources🍃
  • 🏆International Design Award🏆
  • 🌳Eco-Friendly Production🌳
  • 📱Works w/all Bluetooth sources📱


  • Solid Wood Cabinet
  • Wireless Stereo Capable
  • Upgraded Transducer
  • 15-Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • 20 Watt *Class D* Amplifier
  • World Class DSP & DAC
  • Bluetooth V4.2
  • 40Hz-20kHz Frequency Response 

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