Black Walnut Site:1 Bluetooth Stereo Pair

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  • Black Walnut Site:1 Bluetooth Stereo Pair

Black Walnut Site:1 Bluetooth Stereo Pair


The Site:1 stereo pair includes two Site:1 Bluetooth speakers that can be paired wirelessly to play in true stereo or used independently. The Site:1 stereo pair provides a live, in-person listening experience thanks to the directional cues found in the separate right and left audio channels that simply is not found in other portable speaker options.

Commonly found in pianos and woodwind instruments, Black Walnut provides an overall rich, full sound. With clean bass and treble that does not overpower other sounds, this tonewood is the perfect option for the person who enjoys a wide variety of music.

Black Walnut Mild Rock
Mahogany Mild Jazz
Maple High Hip Hop
Cherry High Classical

Wireless Single

Start with one speaker. Pair your Bluetooth device anywhere and listen to superior quality sound with no wires or wi-fi.

Wireless Stereo

Buy two or add another speaker any time to play true, breathtaking Bluetooth stereo without the need for an app or setup.

2.1 Wireless System

Using two Site:1 Speakers and a Site:Woofer, experience unmatched system quality sound using only a Bluetooth compatible device.

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  • Product Type: Site:1

    Input Options

    Bluetooth Single
    Bluetooth Stereo (requires 2x Site:1)
    3.5mm Auxiliary Cable
    PA System Compatible

    General Specifications

    Rechargeable Battery
      -  15+ Hour
      -  40+ Hour Extended
    Pure Tonewood Cabinet
    2250 mAh
    3400 mAh

    Audio Specifications

    On-Board Amplifier
    Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    20W Class D
    Up to 96kHz

    Speaker Specifications

    Transducer 1x 3" Full-Range
    Dual Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnet
    4Ω Resistance


    Weight (based on tonewood)
    2.86 - 3.76 lbs


    10-Year Mechanical & Electronics
    5-Year Battery Protection
  • General

    The Site:1 comes Bluetooth enabled, and in addition has an auxiliary port on the back (cable included).

    The Site:Woofer supports the Bluetooth and auxillary inputs as well, but will also allow opticial/digital input as well.

    With each Site:1 Speaker, the following is included:

    • Site:1 Speaker
    • AC Charging Dongle
    • 2.5mm to 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable
    • Instruction Manual
    • Warranty Registration Card

    *The purchase of a Stereo Pair includes two of all of the above.

    **The Site:Woofer will include all of the contents above, in addition to an optical cable.


    The Site:1 Speaker can be approximately 30 ft. from whatever source device you are using (smartphone, tablet, computer).

    It depends on which system you are using. For the stereo pair (two Site:1 Speakers), they can be approximately 10-20 ft. apart.

    When using our 2.1 Site:System (a Site:Woofer and two Site:1 Speakers) the distance is based on the Site:Woofer. Each speaker can be 10-20 ft. away from the Site:Woofer which controls them both.

    These distances can be affected by line of sight and wireless interference.

    You may pair any two Site:1 Speakers together. In addition, you may add one Site:Woofer to any single Site:1 or Stereo Pair wirelessly. No additional Site:1 Speakers or Site:Woofers or supported via Bluetooth pairing.

    No, the Site:1 Speaker and Site:Woofer do not support Wi-Fi connection. They come Bluetooth enabled, and support future wireless pairing via Bluetooth.

    No, any Site:1 Speaker can pair to any other at anytime and play true stereo sound over Blueotooth. During the pairing process, each speaker is set to its proper mode to allow more flexibility.


    Yes, our Site:1 Speakers and Site:Woofer were engineered with that in mind. Feel free to leave the speaker powered on and plugged in, so you can play your music by simply using your favorite source device.

    The 15+ Hour and 40+ Hour Extended battery options refer to the speaker while playing at 96 db, or nearly full volume. So, we like to say that as long as you turn it off when you are not using the speaker, it can last far longer than the advertised time.

    In addition, the speaker will go into a "low-power mode" when the Bluetooth is on and no music is being played.


    Any smart device that is Bluetooth enabled should work seamlessly.

    The only exception if for devices that do not possess Bluetooth v3.0 or beyond. These are not common, but if you have any questions or concerns please reach out and we are happy to help!

  • Our speakers are made, not produced.

    Your speaker is an instrument. It is the instrument that we use to play our favorite music, and we believe that means it should be crafted appropriately. You do not ever see plastic guitars or grand pianos, and you will never see a plastic Princeton Audio Speaker.

    Each speaker is made by hand in Wisconsin. While this ensures superior resonation, quality control, and lasting quality it does mean that it takes time to make our speakers. Therefore, it can take around six weeks to receive a speaker after purchasing. We are constantly working on them and sometimes we can ship sooner, and are currently building the infrastructure to help keep you informed of your speaker’s progress as it is put together.

  • 60-Day Hassle-Free Returns

    Princeton Audio provides a hassle-free, 60-day return policy along with every order. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the look or sound of your purchase, contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with the means to return your product for a full value refund.

    10-Year Sustainable Warranty

    Due to the fact that every Princeton Audio product is carefully checked for quality by experienced professionals throughout the handcrafting process, we proudly and confidently offer a 10-year warranty on all purchases.

    A warranty of this length is unheard of in the portable audio industry, but because of our dedication to quality through locally sourced inputs and professional craftsmanship, our products are designed to last for life.

    To register your new Princeton Audio Speaker, click here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Great sound and an attractive cabinet

I bought the Site:1 because I was struck by the interesting design and the craftsmanship, but I've been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound. Music that I'm very familiar with - mostly in the rock and blues categories - comes through with greater fidelity and clarity than on many of my other systems. Highly recommended!

The Most Beautiful Speakers Out There

These are the most beautiful speakers out there. The sound quality is amazing. My husband could not believe how they sounded. He loves them as much as I do. Thank you for a wonderful speaker.

Mahogany Site:1

Enjoy it. It took me a bit of time to make it work with my PC, but it now is just fine.

Beautiful Sound and Looks

Have been loving our new speaker! Friends always comment on how great it sounds and also looks. Great sales and service staff - both knowledgeable and super friendly. Love the Princeton store.

These speakers are amazing.

Absolutely worth the price increase over Bose and Sonos generic sound. The overengineered bass sounds from Sonos/Bose cant begin to compare to the Site:1 warmth from the tonewood body-- I was deciding between mahogany and walnut-- went w mahogany and very happy --- well worth the purchase and the wait. You cant rush art.
The other thing I really like is the way the two speakers can bluetooth in true stereo--- beatles / steely dan sounds great-

Very slick control mechanisms/read outs.
Looking forward to more products from the PA team--