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True Stereo, No Wires

Turn your Bluetooth device into a concert that goes anywhere.

Look mom, No wires.

Outlets, cables or teathers.... need not apply.

Stream to multiple speakers using any Bluetooth device for a whole new wireless experience.

Originally planned as a replacement for "a" wire, Bluetooth is often thought of as limited to driving one thing at a time.

We just could not live with that. Good music, deserves better.

Your music should never be compromised. Our unique True Wireless Stereo feature, allows you to pair any two Princeton Audio speakers, stream to them from any Bluetooth source, and enjoy full, life-like sound just as the artist intended.




Every speaker is engineered to play either independently or in a Wireless System, allowing it to adjust based on your needs. If you have a stereo pair and don't want to carry both outside, simply grab one and switch it to "Single Bluetooth." Then, simply pair them together later in stereo and pick up right where you left off.

Flexible pairing is designed to put you in control.

You can always add the next piece at any time.

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