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Made the "Hard-Way"


Our usage of tonewoods in portable, bluetooth speakers is un-precidented. To understand why, read on...

Nature's Perfect Resonator

For Centuries, the best musical instruments have been made from wood. The flutes and drums of ancient Greece to Stradivarius violins and Gibson guitars. There is one simple reason why this material has stood the test of time: When it comes to producing sound, wood just sounds better.

We've gone against the grain and chosen to craft each and every speaker from instrument-quality tonewood, revealing a richness and depth to your music.

Crafted, Period

Ever watch a craftsman (or woman) build a custom piece of furniture? The attention to detail to make every joint fit perfectly, to bring a seamless work of art... together? Yeah... it is something like that, JUST like that. Only, we add a Bluetooth radio, a 20-watt Class D amplifier and an insane Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to our woodworking.

Sweat & Sawdust

You won't find a mass production line, nor a bunch of workers doing a single step in a process. Nope, these beauties are "bench-built" one-at-a-time. Sure, it takes longer than some piece of mass-produced tech from some far away country. But we like it that way. Plus, just look at the results... A piece of art that plays music from your smartphone.

Wood is Good

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