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Privacy Policies

Thank you for visiting our website and being a part of our growing community of audio enthusiasts. We view this website as more than a storefront, but also a place for those passionate about audio to come together and add their voices to a conversation centric around great music and quality sound. For this to happen, security and the privacy of our visitors is paramount and we take it extremely seriously.

If you have any concerns about any of the content regarding our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team immediately at Your privacy is among our top concerns, and we are dedicated to providing a safe/secure online experience.

How do we use any collected information?
All information collected anywhere with the domain, including customer information, form submissions, blog subscriptions, and any contact and interaction with a member of our team will not be shared with any other entity. We do not deal in any form of contact sharing, information swapping, or statistical analysis partnerships. In short, this is a closed community and you may feel say interacting with any aspect of our site.

This includes all data including consumer behavior, name, address, email address, and beyond to include any other information that pertains to you as individual or the whole of our online community.

Site Security SSL:
The use of the domain and all attached subdomains including the Store is all done via fully secure online Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This ensures that all information that passes to and from the website, including all Cookie and Logged information as well as all information provided by our customers, is fully encrypted from site to our databases. The result is a safe browsing environment that promotes open form use, two-way interaction, and information submission with the comfort of knowing that all information is protected.

We believe in two-way communication with our community, and work diligently to provide relevant content and accept feedback and forum style comments. That being said, our community members have the right to control the communication that they receive from us. Subscribing to our Craft Audio Blog is separate of all marketing and promotional material. Interacting with the certain forms throughout our site or manually subscribing to the Newsletter marks a user as opting in to receive marketing communication. Opting out of these services can be done simply within the footer of any emails sent via the domain, and the choice to opt-out ensures a cease to all contact based on the preferences set.

Links to Other Sites:
Throughout the domain, there are external links to various articles and other online sources. These sites leave the security of the SSL security, and all information given on those external sites is subject to their terms of use and privacy terms. Princeton Audio is not liable for any information security issues that occur as a result of information submitted on any of the sites followed through external links. That being said, we work diligently to ensure that all of these links are secure and any suspected issues are immediately removed.

Our use of Cookies and Logged Site Files:
We do store the IP address of those that interact with our site and any subdomains including the Store. This is done to help us better tailor your online experience based on your expressed interests based on your interactions with our site and to help us anonymously better understand our community. This information is both private and secure, and is all designed to provide you with an overall, unique online experience every time you visit our site.

In addition, the use of Cookies (which are pieces of information stored on one’s browser in order to identify them upon entering our website) is limited solely to use of our website. These Cookies allow us to provide our customers with the proper online experience tailored to their purchases and help them navigate as easily as possible as well as helping to drive new content to our repeat visitors. Again, all this information kept secure and is not shared with any other entity or partner.

Legal Disclaimer:
Though we do not give out your information to any partners or outside entities, there are legal-situations in which we may be required by law to override this policy. In such legal situations, when asked by the official court system, Princeton Audio will act in “good-faith” according to the laws as set by the State of Wisconsin, the state in question, or the United States Federal parameters.