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Design with Purpose

Your music never looked (or sounded) this beautiful

The Triangle

Difficult to make from wood and acoustically essential.

"Out of the Box"

Music has never sounded as it was intended by the artists coming out of a plastic speaker. Why you might ask are they mass produced this way then? What happened is audio companies off-shored their manufacturing to China in search of cheap goods that could be sold to you at the highest possible margin.

Great for business, bad for music. This was one of the premises that started Princeton Audio. A quest for the perfect tone. Turns out the triangle is one of the best shapes for acoustics and, while beautiful, is a very difficult shape to make consistently, out of wood. We have perfected this process for YOU!


From an engineering standpoint, there is absolutely nothing about the shape of a square box that is conducive to the faithful reproduction of music—nothing!

From International Design Awards to Design Patents....

The triangle is a very complicated shape to make out to wood, consistently. The process took our team well over a year of failed attempts to get it right. We have taken specific care to make sure the joints of the wooden enclosures stay together perfectly, even in harsh conditions along with some more subtle things, like book-matching the sides so that they mirror each other.

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