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My Story


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You were clicking on this and hoping for something awesome….

I’m sorry I don’t have a better story for you. Some sort of breeze frolicking with doors flying open to my beautiful wife, waiting for me… with headphones on. It’s just not there and when you hire a marketing firm... That is what you’ll get, FLUFF.

Since you asked… yep, I hired those folks – like three times - and got nothing for it, why? Two things:
-Number one, it does not work (people aren’t dumb) and
-Number two, that is just not me.

The fine ladies and the sports dudes using our stuff, may look good… But somebody has to pay those people. Know who does? You do…

I don’t do that, nor will I ever. It just adds cost and those are passed on to the consumer. Wonder why those name “Brands” cost so much? I’m not in.

I want to bring premium sound, to people at fair prices with a Rock-Star guarantee.

There is no marking flash here, just bluntness, the way I like it.

listen to a ton of stuff. Some of it’s great, some is garbage – I want to bring you, the good stuff. The pile of headphones and speakers here that I test, stay here. Only the best of the best, is worthy of the Princeton Audio Brand. It’s all about TONE.

Poke around the site and ask questions. I know a bit about audio, what sounds good and why.

Where will you find me? Listening to something or making speakers: FROM SCRATCH…

Premium Sound

More on Premium Sound

Search on Amazon for “Bluetooth Speaker” and you will come up with 20k plus worth of results. It’s insane...

If you’re like me, you just want something that is built to last and is not going to gouge me. Importantly, it needs to sound great. Well, you’re in luck… that’s what we do. I’ve spent the better part of the last decade, looking for that “tone”....

And our products…. Have it.

Fair Prices

More on Fair Prices

What do you mean, you’re not looking for a set of noise cancelling headphones for $300-400? That are made for $30? Come-on…

There is a maze of audio garbage out there. If you want something at a fair price, that SOUNDS AMAZING - then Princeton Audio is the place. If it is important to you that things are crafted in the US...

That fits our “shtick”... too!

Rock-Star Guarantee

More on our Guarantee

Finally, what is with the 30-Day returns? Seriously, do these audio companies' think all you do is listen to your speaker or headphones? Our crafted S:One’s, I recommend a 20-hour “break-in” just for them - so they settle, and you are happy with how they sound. How can you do that in 30-days?

All that pontificating here is my point… how about this: If you’re not happy with the sound, even after listening to them for a complete 3-month period... I’ll take them back. No questions asked.

That is how it should be and since I own the darn Company, that is how it is!

The pioneer of...


Against The Grain...




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