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By using Princeton Audio’s Facebook Page, you indicate your acceptance of these rules and agree to act according to the standards as laid out in this form.  This page is meant to promote an open discussion forum about Princeton Audio products, news, events, and beyond to include relevant industry news, sound and music based discussion, and even show off some cute animals loving speakers.  We encourage everyone to join the conversation through comments, sharing, and other engagement whenever you like, and to let your voice be heard.  Furthermore, our team stands vigilant to answer any questions you may have and offer assistance to you and others who may have similar questions.

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Princeton Audio and Facebook: Separate Entities

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User Content/Profile Privacy Information: Safe and sound!

It is our goal that each of you is fully comfortable with using our community page and that you understand the extent to which we value you and your privacy.  Any private correspondence through the messaging system is considered confidential and will not be shared or communicated in any way.  Outside of this private communication, any user content posted, commented, or in any way communicated on our Princeton Audio Facebook Page is considered nonconfidential.  (Please see Patent and Intellectual Rights section below to learn more.)

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User Content: Be a team player!

Please note that our Princeton Audio Facebook Page is available to any Facebook users for solely personal use.  Any commercial use of this page is in violation of our “Community Rules” and strictly prohibited.  The public engagement and use of this page is considered nonconfidential content (please refer to the Patents and Intellectual Rights section to learn more).

User content by any of our community members does not necessarily represent the culture or beliefs of Princeton Audio.  Since we encourage an open channel of communication and allow direct, unscreened posting, Princeton Audio is not responsible for the validity or appropriateness of any of the content posted by our visitors.  Therefore, we do reserve the right to remove content that is seen as overtly negative and disruptive to our primary goal of a positive, musically centered community.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Any form of commercial advertising, both by industry competitors or any entity seeking to sell or solicit. This includes spam or user content directing community members to another commercial location.
  • Untrue or misleading information about Princeton Audio or any of our products.
  • Attacks of any kind against Princeton Audio, any of our employees, or community members. While we do encourage feedback or concerns, it essential for the atmosphere of our community to remain one of encouragement and positivity.
  • Spam posting of irrelevant content or that would is designed to redirect team members.
  • Any material that is offensive, harassing, or in any way attacks a member of our community.

By posting or viewing our Princeton Audio Facebook Page, any member of our community or otherwise agrees that their post will abide by these “Community Rules.”  Together, we hope to continue to grow and share our mutual love of music.

Patents and Intellectual Rights

Any and all content posted by the Princeton Audio team is subject to our own proprietorship and therefore may not be downloaded and/or used for any purpose.  This includes all pictures, post content, shared information, media of any kind, etc.  Please understand that unless otherwise stated, the use of this material for either private or commercial use, beyond the Facebook enabled sharing of content is strictly forbidden.  This ownership is no way extended over the content of our community users, who by using our page express that the content posted is nonconfidential.  This means that any content including words, pictures, or any other related content that is posted by any user to our page is owned by the user but usable by Princeton Audio.  This non-exclusive, irrevocable right to use user content in any way by Princeton Audio including distribution, adaption, reproduction, public display, and beyond is included on all user posted content.

Furthermore, all product information, details, technical features, and any other information is protected under both patent and copyright laws.  Any use of this material beyond the expressed promotional purpose is strictly forbidden and will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

Disclaimer: Limitation of Liability

The purpose of the Princeton Audio Facebook Page is providing our wonderful community of music enthusiasts a place to come together, engage, and learn more about the latest product information and PA company news.  We take great care in ensuring the accuracy of all content posted on our behalf of our company through our page; however, Princeton Audio is in no way liable to go beyond expressed warranty terms (available through our website and included with our products).  This includes any expressed or implied content on our Princeton Audio Facebook Page and includes all previous, current, or future communications.

Our page and every communication with our community is directly vetted to ensure the utmost accuracy and to minimize any confusion.  However, in the event of any miscommunication, the communication on the Princeton Audio Facebook Page is not responsible for any warranty information or company action promised here.  Please refer to the warranty included on our website and with our products for the exact terms and conditions for which Princeton Audio both stands behind and is legally obliged to (http://www.princeton-audio.com/warranty).

Additional Information

These “Community Rules” are here to help promote positive engagement and help support our community in both engaging musical conversation and communicating Princeton Audio information and products.  Please be aware that these rules are subject to change at our sole discretion without notice if it is deemed beneficial to the community.

Princeton reserves the right to delete content, remove user content, and/or block individuals who are in violation of any of the terms expressed without warning.

Thank you for being a part of our community!  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns with any of our “Community Rules,” privacy information, or beyond at info@princeton-audio.com.

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