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No. 708

By Michael Pelland August 08, 2018

Sitting in my home office listening to a Spotify playlist, at volume and just smiling. (maybe having an “adult” iced tea, or as I call it…. #singlemalt) The playlist is one of my favorites, some Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, Ratt and Judas Preist. (Rob, frickin’ wails…) But this music brings me back, someplace I needed to go today. Not sure why I just lit this playlist up, but just seems right. Why, because it’s all about the music.

No. 708
Shows up this morning in a box, carefully packed. I mean, these days, you open something like this with a stick, a LONG stick. There is a manila envelope in the top, now it is downright scary. I hand the envelope to Beth and ask for her to open it and promptly tell her “If there is white powder in there, I’ll call someone, I swear I will…” She declines… Now it is up to me. I open it, no white powder but a beautifully crafted letter from a gentleman in Indianapolis. I dig further and recognize an intact, S:One box and an accompanying speaker, No. 708. A Maple custom branded S:One. I pull it out and notice that it is flat out stunning. It's got this beautiful “imperfection” in the face, on the edge. I love this thing. It came from a batch we did for a company, around the Holidays 2016… about one and a half years ago.

Sad story.
This guy writes me this letter about resituating No.708 for his daughter. She received it as a gift and had a tragedy happen to her and now, he has it. All he wanted, was to get it to work  for her, so she would have it when she returned. His thought it was broken and needed the guts replaced.  Wanted to keep just the wood work and laser burning, to remind her of how awesome The Senter Group was to her, during a difficult time… I about lost it. I read it aloud, again, while Beth was listening and she started crying and it hit me… this is why I do what I do. It’s all about the music.

A charge and we are off!
Whoever had this speaker took immaculate care of it. Like it never came out of the box. Seriously, the finish is unreal, the wood work, stunning. I grab this beauty and plug it into a charger on my credenza and holy canola… no guts seem to be required, just a charge. Remember, these guys went out for Christmas 2016 and when rechargeable batteries get too low, they don’t charge. I left for the day to the wood shop and came back to see how it did. Took the charge beautifully and I had to fire it up. Posted this on our Instagram feed…

Steelers Wheel.
All day long this story just stuck (in the middle) with me and I could not shake it. It made me think about all times in my life that things were bad, it was the music, it helped… When I get down, music is there to pick me up -  when I don’t feel like working out, it is the music that pushes me. Everywhere in my life, it’s all about the music and I hope No. 708 can help this person, make it through a difficult time. My understanding is that she left the Country for a while and will be back in about a year and now... No. 708 will wait patiently for her return. In the meantime, her Father has some speaker-sitting (and some break-in, time) to do. I was emailing him back and forth and he had a great line in an email to me…. “In general, I have two settings on our home stereo:  My Wife is Here and My Wife is Not Here.” Well, Matt.. this one is for your Daughter… Let her rip and if you ever wanted a stereo buddy for No. 708, let me know!

Stay Tuned,


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