(Blog Post To Be Named Later)

(Blog Post To Be Named Later)

A couple of weeks ago, I announced in this space that we’d parted ways with Amazon.com, and shared how that decision had really lit a fire under us to strongly reaffirm our commitment to what we call Craft Audio. Since then, we’ve been busy. We’ve added a veteran professional luthier, Derek Stone, to the Princeton Audio team, to help us accelerate the continuing evolution of our award-winning Site:1 speaker, as well as assist us in the development of exciting new audio products going forward.

More "More" Than Ever Before
We’ve also been busily instituting some major expansions to our product offerings, including more unique customization options to give you an even greater range of choices for personalizing our award-winning Site:1 audio speaker. No other audio company allows their customers to design their own speakers, so we had no template to follow, but it quickly became clear that we needed a new online configurator Thingamajig to walk our customers through this new way of thinking about purchasing an audio speaker. So we built one.

“If you build it, they will come.”
To make it easy for you to create your very own personalized Site:1, we’re happy to introduce our new… Online Thingy Craft-O-Matic Speaker Confabulator designed to effortlessly lead you through every step of the process of building the portable speaker of your dreams.Acme Company Catalog.jpgThis innovative… Whatchamacallit streamlines the process of choosing from amongst our growing variety of deluxe customizations, so that you can now customize your new Site:1 speaker with just a few clicks. Our exciting new… Doohickey went live earlier today though we expect to continue to fold in additional enhancements to this… Doodad in the days to come. Like giving it a name, for one. We really need to settle on a name for it.

Christmas Package Machine.jpg

“Bob the Builder” was Already Taken
Names are important. Ideally, when you give a name to a tool, you want a name that instantly communicates its function, and gives a sense of how its user would employ it. For instance, when you hear the name “Screwdriver”, you don’t have to think too hard about how it works, or what it does. So we need something like that, a name so perfect that it is worthy of our incredible new Illudium Q-36 Space Modulator. We’re still working on it.

So was “Flux Capacitor”
Anybody got any ideas? Anyone? Anyone for tennis? Well, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a contest here. What the dickens do we call this thing? Let us know, would you please? We’ll post the best candidates here in a later blog post for all to see. Best of all, the lucky marketing genius who gives us the winning name will find themselves the proud recipient of a free Site:1 Speaker, as well as our grateful thanks. (Contest to be on our Facebook Page early next week, so look out for it!)

Craft Your Ideal Speaker Now Using the (INSERT NAME HERE)
Please visit our new ACME “Little Giant” Do-It-Yourself Push-Button Speaker Constructobot, and build the Site:1 speaker of your dreams today!

Thats Not All Folks.jpg

Stay tuned!